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green solutions of the small business compressors
時間:2009-3-31 13:32:57

      In 2009 carry out durying of China Refrigeration exhibition , the various aspects of industry experts and on behalf of manufacturers more than 30 speakers will visit the market and technology exchange fair, and detailed interpretation of the latest products and technologies, from all over the world for the audience and the manufacturers set up a communication、 between interactive platform. Line with the latest and fastest information, one by one the vivid display. Following China Refrigeration 2009 Guangzhou station, one of the seminars:
      Lecture Title: g reen solutions - Danfoss compressor of its small business and system design in the light of the application of commercial refrigeration machinery
      Company Name: Danfoss (Shanghai) Automation control Co., Ltd.
      Conference Room: No.4
      Speaker: Heinz. Dr Yung-kan
      Application Language:
      Time :2009-04-5 12 :30 - 14: 30
      Summary: Danfoss, a company with 39 years experience in the commercial success of the compressor manufacturer, has long been committed to providing commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers to more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient compressors, and to help them establish "green" commercial refrigeration equipment . From R12, R22 to R134a, R404A to R600a, R290 to CO2, Danfoss has been developing environment-friendly compressors of pacemaker. At the same time, concern about energy consumption Danfoss has successfully developed a whole system of logic optimization of intelligent energy-saving SLV Series compressor,for the compressor Danfoss commercial refrigeration equipment to become a pioneer of energy-saving.

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