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Civil refrigeration compressor Tt case
時間:2009-3-31 19:46:55

      Civil refrigeration compressor Tt case
      With the continuous improvement of power of CPU processor, the thermal problem has been paying more attentions by player. Until now, air cooling is the ordinary thermal method for PC users. The advantage of air cooling radiator is easy to install and use, the player also can change the radiator and its fan freely at any moment and is has a low price relatively. But for a great number of overclocking players, they install water cooling which has better thermal ability instead of convenient air cooling.
      After continuous pursuit of performance, the player have overcome many problems of water cooling such as installation, use and maintenance, but water cooling can meet the needs of fever players?  The answer is no. looking at the dry ice,liquid nitrogen and compressor cooling showed by each overclocking players at every overclocking conference, you will know that anything you can do. However, Owing to working, these thermal equipment are not fit for longtime run and this stop lots of high-point players.  
      These players urgently need a heat tool which has powerful performance and easy operation to realize their desire. Now, Thermaltake finally solved this problem for player, that Xpressar RCS100 micro-compressor with the carrier of XaserVI(X6) case is on sales.

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