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ZW-5/1-250 natural gas compressor

Compressor parameter:


Company Code:DC041


Compression Medium: natural gas

Cooling style: water cooling

Cylinder Lube style:Oil free

No. of throw:3  

Compression stage:4  

Capacity (m3/min):533Nm3/h

Suction pressure (MpaG): 0.1

Discharge pressure (MpaG): 25

Piston stroke (mm): 140

Crankshaft speed (r/min): 740

Shaft power (Kw): 127

Outline dimension (L×W×H)(mm): 4500×2500×2500

Unit weight (Kg): 8500

Driven motor: explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor


Product Description

Model ZW-5/1-250-DC natural gas compressor is wholly skid-mounted, 3-row vertical type, piston reciprocating piston compressor. Water cooling, a little oil lube, four-stage compression; the final discharge pressure is 25.0Mpa. The natural gas at low pressure (0.1MPa) will enter the compressor, after increasing pressure through four stages compression, then be transmitted to high pressure gas storage tank or natural gas well, and supply CNG automobiles bottles via the distribution measurement system.

This compressor is specially designed and manufactured for natural gas filling station, which has a compact structure, better outer surface, low energy consumption, is the ideal compressor for natural gas filling station.

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