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Shanxi Lubao

6M-360/25 coke oven gas compressor

Compressor Parameter:
Company Code:2518A
Compression Medium:coke oven gas
Cooling style: water cooling
No. of throw:6
Compression stage:4
Capacity (m3/min):360
Suction pressure (MpaG): 0.002
Discharge pressure (MpaG): 2.5
Piston stroke (mm): 360
Each stage cylinder diameter (mm): 3×Φ900-Φ900-Φ590-Φ420
Crankshaft speed (r/min): 333
Shaft power (Kw): 2553
Lube oil consumption(g/h):800
Outline dimension (L×W×H)(mm): 8122×6146×2366
Main unit weight (Kg): 18900
Unit weight (Kg):35000
Driven motor: TAW2800-18/2600 Brushless excitation three-phase synchronous motor
Rated power (Kw): 2800Kw
Rated voltage(V):10000V

Product Description:
Application: Used for production of methanol project (10 ton per year). 
1. 6M type six throw symmetrical balanced four-stages piston reciprocating type compressor, stability and reliability.
2. The compressor is designed as Per API 618 and related compressor standard in domestic,  the manufacture process is strictly confirmed to requirement of ISO9001 Quality Management System.
3. Driven by safety-increasing brushless exciation synchronous motor, the connection between the motor and compressor is expansion coupling, which is realiable and easy for removal. 
4. Compressor crankshaft is high-quality alloy steel forgings with precision machining, perfect dynamic performance.
5. The compressor has safety valve, pressure and temperatur monitoring point and auto-control interlock protecing device. 
6. Monitoring system with PLC control and touching screen.

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